Hunt for the Best Breakfast Spots in Victoria

On the hunt for Victoria's best breakfast spots (Breakfast at Max's Grille by Katherine Lynch under CC licence)

On the hunt for Victoria’s best breakfast spots
(Breakfast at Max’s Grille by Katherine Lynch under CC licence)

It always seems like I’m on a quest of some sort.  This time I’m looking to find the best breakfast spots in Victoria.

Not that I don’t like all other food, but there’s something about a hearty breakfast on a weekend that is incredibly satisfying.  Enjoying breakfast with friends is one of my favourite past times, as long as it doesn’t start too early and no one expects me to talk before my first cup of coffee.  Buffets are my favourite because I’m hard pressed to ever pass up an eggs benny, so buffets let me do a little dabbling.


Who am I to offer my two-bits?

I simply love food.  My taste-buds developed from being exposed to great food from all kinds of cultures from the time I was little.  Winnipeg is full of fabulous ethnic restaurants and home of Folklorama a multicultural festival and I got to enjoy many of them.  Many members of my family are/were incredible cooks and bakers.  It spoiled me.  I hate wasting time and money on just okay food.

This statement by Chuck Bradley, Urbanspoon’s leading restaurant reviewer, was perfectly said, so I’m stealing it for my own:

“My reviews are only my opinions based on my own observations and experiences. I judge each outing on its own merits or lack thereof. With rare exceptions, I endeavor to keep criticisms respectful and objective. Any praise is not a gift but an approbation earned. Your opinions may vary. It is my hope that you will find my comments helpful.”


My ratings

This journey started May 2014.  I’m using a 5 star rating:  1 = not good, 3 = average, 5 = awesome!  And I’m rating my breakfast experience on:

  • Tasty food
  • Tasty coffee
  • Value
  • Service
  • Atmosphere
  • Wait time

My overall ratings range from:  not recommended, average, recommend, must do!

When available, I’ll also link you to the restaurant’s web site (for up to date information and location) and their Urbanspoon page (cause how can that many people be wrong?!?).


My biases

Eggs benny are my favourite.  If they can do them soft (runny), they’ll do them well any way you order them.  The hollandaise shouldn’t be overwhelming.  I prefer cornmeal or back bacon.  And shredded hash browns, well fried on both sides, are the crowning glory.  I prefer savory to sweet.

As I’m kind of positive Tim’s has created the perfect cuppa, it’s almost not fair for me to rate coffee.

Value is a combination of taste, quantity, service, and price.  Even if the eggs benny are out of this world, a $35 price tag is going to get you a 2 at best.

Overall service is really important.  Cold food, inattentive or bad service, plates left on the table forever, are among my pet peeves.

Places that don’t take reservations and make people wait in line for 30+ minutes (because it makes them look popular?!?)  irk me.


Restaurants to check-out


  • Blue Fox Cafe
  • Boleskine Bistro
  • Cecelia Creek Eatery (closed?)
  • Cora’s
  • Floyd’s
  • Four Mile Pub
  • Glo
  • Gorge Point Pub
  • Hawk & Hen
  • Hideaway
  • Jam
  • John’s Place
  • Med Grill
  • Mole
  • Monkey Tree Pub
  • My Chosen
  • QV Cafe & Bakery
  • Rosie’s Diner
  • The Ruby
  • Shine
  • Spinnakers
  • Spoons Diner
  • The Village
  • Willie’s Bakery

Brunch Buffet

  • Aura (Laurel Point Inn)
  • Fireside Grill
  • JJ Morgan
  • Marina
  • Six Mile
  • Victoria Public Market at the Hudson

Dim Sum

  • Don Mee
  • Red Lion


Join me on this breakfast journey through Victoria.  You can access reviews from the right hand column or from the top menu bar.