Jack-o-lantern seeds, a frighteningly good DIY Halloween gift idea

DIY Halloween gift idea - Jack-o-lantern seeds

DIY Jack-o-lantern seeds

Halloween – it’s my most favourite time of the year!  If you make it through the fogged pathway and past the skeletons, zombie butlers, and tombstones that adorn my yard, you get to pick a treat out of the witch’s cauldron.

As a kid, my favourite Halloween treats were the home made ones from neighbours – candy apples, caramel corn, and special treat bags.  I continue the tradition and plan a DIY Halloween gift idea or treat for the kids, big and small, in my life.  So once again I turned to Pinterest to help me find some inspiration.

As I already had a bag of jelly beans and craft bags, a few pins inspired these Jack-o-lantern seed packets.


DIY Halloween gift idea - Jack-o-lantern seeds supplies

Jack-o-lantern seeds supplies

What you’ll need:

  • Tags printed with the words “Jack-o-Lantern Seeds” (3.5” x 3.5” works for a folded tag)
    • Black construction paper, orange pen or pencil crayon
  • Jack-o-lantern stickers (puffy or 3D)
  • Double sided tape
  • Craft bags with Ziploc closure (3” x 4” is a good size)
  • Orange and black jelly beans (I used Jelly Belly’s for the big kids)
  • Candy pumpkins (Mellowcreme type)


Putting it together:

  • Fill the bags with jelly beans or candy pumpkins
  • Fold the tag and secure to top of bag with tape
  • Sign your name on the back of the tag


The bags were a great hit as both a party display and gifts.  Not only cute but yummy!

DIY Halloween gift idea - Jack-o-lantern seeds

Jack-o-lantern seeds display

This is a really fast, easy, and inexpensive DIY Halloween gift idea.  The biggest challenge was creating the homemade tags.  It’s really hard to get orange handwriting to show up on the black paper so I spent more time running back & forth to the store trying various orange pens/pencils than I did putting all the packages together.  Because I had to go over the lettering so many times it didn’t look as polished as I would’ve liked.  If I had access to a colour printer I would’ve whipped up the same looking design, and used puffy stickers to give it some dimension and a homemade feel.


DIY Halloween gift idea - Jack-o-lantern seeds

Jack-o-lantern seeds

For more Pinspiration:

Visit my Halloween Fun Pinterest board for more ideas.  Next year I just may have to make the Monster Earwax.  For this project, these were the pins that inspired me:


What was your favourite Halloween treat as a kid?  Did it change as you got older?